Who is this guy?!

My name is Mark Lichtenstein and I’m a film maker.  (“Hi Mark.”)  I’ve been a film maker since 1997 when I enrolled in NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts Film and Television Dept.  After I got a taste, I was hooked, working on one project after another, just directing and editing all the time.  Hardly a day goes by when I don’t look at my Avid editing platform and think “what can I do with you today?”  I even created a youtube channel where people can see some of my work – http://www.youtube.com/manpoweredfilms.  It got so bad one night that I purchased a domain and started building a website of my own – http://www.manpoweredfilms.com.  It’s still in beta, but I keep working on a newer version.  I just can’t help myself!  As if being a film dork wasn’t bad enough, I’m also a magician, as evidenced by some of my recent film projects, including this one I shot with the help of Kent Axell, an extremely talented magician I am lucky enough to be friends with:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WcMAqmYK0Hg

Starting in 2005 I began working on a documentary about Joseph Perez, a remarkable disabled athlete.  In 2008 when I got my hands on some new equipment I began shooting in HD and I think we’re only a few months away from completing “Three Mountains”, a film about Joe’s amazing journey through life with Cerebral Palsy, his personal journey and  of course, his life in disabled sports and martial arts.

I’ll be using this blog to keep you updated as to my projects in the hope I can learn to live with this condition, one day at a time.


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