Video Card Done Gone And Killed Itself

Two things I’d like to note:  1: My Nvidia Quadro FX 4800 has spontaneously burned itself out.  I am truly amazed by this.  It is an expensive part.  2:  HP delivered the replacement in four hours, on Thanksgiving day.  This is mind-blowing.

I’ve been banging on to my friends about how awful Apple customer service is since they advised me to buy a $5000 system they bricked a few weeks after it arrived about nine years ago.  I’ve had some unpleasant experiences more recently as well.  For several months after Apple updated the OS on the iPod touch, I was left with a device that would crash three times a day or so.  Only after deleting all my saved settings and files several times over did the tech support suggest I come in to replace the unit, which took an hour when I went to the Apple store.  The final insult to their customers came recently when I used a corporate discount Apple offers to certain companies, to buy a friend one of the new iPod touch devices.  Since February, when I purchased mine, they have eliminated a year from the most expensive available warranty.  When I purchased mine, I was told getting the two year warranty came on top of the one year you get for free.  That means I have three years to show up, hand over a lump of melted plastic and get a brand new iPod touch.  Now however, for the same money, you buy the same policy only without getting three years.  No, now the two year warranty only lasts two years, though it costs the same as the old three year warranty.  And they won’t tell you about this policy change unless you ask, which means you knew to ask.  And let’s face it, if you knew anything about computers you wouldn’t be buying an Apple now would you?

Anyway, the point of this little rant is to point out how amazing HP customer service is.  I should preface this by saying HP has no idea I write this blog.  None.  I’m just another punter as far as they are concerned.  I couldn’t boot my Z800 workstation and I was worried it was some kind of catastrophic hard drive problem because it clearly wasn’t the power supply.  I called tech support (this is on Thanksgiving) and in about a minute I had a guy on the phone who walked me through some tests, determining it was probably a dead video card.  He said he’d send me a new one (these cost a fortune) since I could install it myself (had I not known how to do this, he’d have sent someone to do it for me.)  I expected it to arrive maybe Monday, probably Wednesday.  It arrived about two hours later.  On Thanksgiving.  A holiday.

Apple would never do that.  Not on their most expensive warranty.


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