May You Live In Interesting Times And Come Under The Notice Of Important People

A brief observation on an essential characteristic of our civilization in the past couple decades:

In ancient Greece, the important thing was fame.  Fame, particularly after death, was of the utmost importance, because it was really the only way for non-gods to be immortal.  Take this fellow: Everything he did was aimed at fame.

Today however, he’d just have a reality show or a video blog.  “Keeping Up With Achilles: this week, Achilles murders two thousand Dacians with his bare hands!” Honestly, in an age when everyone has a facebook page of equal quality, the thing that distinguishes or seems to distinguish the important people is their level of fame.  How many facebook friends do you have?  How many views did your video of your son get on youtube?  How many Paparazzi were trailing that celebrity?  In many ways we’re returning to the self-absorbed aspects of Greek civilization without the philosophy or the good storytelling.

Perhaps we can all take a lesson from antiquity then.  Hubris doesn’t mean pride.  It means pride so great, it angers the gods.  You don’t think such a thing exists today?  Then have a look here:


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