My Adobe Instruction Adventure

The situation has changed.  Over the last ten years, being proficient in Adobe software has become more and more important, even for an Avid editor like me.  I’ve been using Photoshop and similar software for decades, going back to the days when Corel was on twenty-five three and a half inch discs, but I’ve never been given any formal instruction.  Anyway, I took the plunge, got my hands on Adobe CS5 Master Suite, most of which I have no idea what it’s for, and got a six month subscription to Total Training, a website that will teach you anything under the Adobe sun.  I decided, despite the fact that the real reason I’m doing all of this is because of After Effects, what the hell, I’ll start with the Photoshop tutorial, despite knowing everything.

Boy was I wrong.  I don’t know everything.  I mean, I know enough for what I do, but I’m by no means a “power user” a term that to me sounds like some cross between drug terminology and some kind of S&M game, but according to Total Training, is what people who have spent the best years of their lives learning Photoshop call themselves.  I suppose this is to reconcile themselves to years of sitting alone in the night, drilling hot keys into their heads instead of going out with girls, or boys as the case may be.  Personally, I spent those years mostly drawing, watching the same movies over and over again until I thought I “really got them” and doing magic.  Apparently I didn’t do the right thing because honestly, I don’t know if my six month subscription is enough time to actually learn every piece of software made by Adobe, which is what I now own.  Apparently, buying everything they make is actually cheaper than the route I was bound to go originally, buying After Effects, Photoshop and Illustrator, so I went for it, thinking I’d build myself a website down the line, since I’ll have all the tools.

Really?  Am I Tim Allen now?  Do I buy tools just so someday, maybe I’ll get around to a.) learning how they work and b.) using them?  I expect I’ll have mastered the software I got the package for in a few months, and I’ll be animating in my editing work and retouching old photos (as I recently did for my mom, who produced a photo of my grandma at 18 years old) but will I finally build my stupid website already?  Well, maybe.  If not, I guess I can always renew my subscription to Total Training and keep on studying, as long as my money is green.


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