An Idea For Avid, From Google

I just purchased a Nexus S this weekend.  Buying it was an interesting process, because Google only sells it through Best Buy and their UK branch, Carphone Warehouse.  Best Buy had only a couple people around to sell phones, which meant standing around waiting for service for a half hour, then sitting there with the paperwork (I was renewing my contract with T-mobile as well) for a half hour because the computers there were so slow.  The phone itself is brilliant.  I handled one in the store and I was thoroughly impressed.  What a machine.  A curved touchscreen.  NFC chip.  4G (well, pretend 4G like everyone else in the US).

One item that really impressed me though was the Google voice recognition technology.  I’d like to see this used in video editing.  Why can’t a computer do a little transcribing while it captures?  Even it if isn’t perfect, having a basic script linked to timecode would be a huge time saver.


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