An Amazing Bit Of Technology, This.

I want to plug a fantastic bit of tech.  It’s called Lookout Mobile Security.  I’ll keep this short and simple, mostly to limit the embarrassment.  Last night, my phone fell out of my pocket in a cab.  Let me rephrase that.  My $500 smart phone fell out of my pocket in a cab last night.  My brand new $500 smart phone.  With my banking details etc programmed into it.  I freaked out.   Then I remembered I’d installed this obscure program on a whim.  So I logged into their site, located it (it was in midtown at this point, and moving, meaning still in the cab) and contacted whoever was in the taxi.  Zoe and I offered them a bottle of wine in thanks and an hour later we were downtown to pick up the phone, saving me hundreds of dollars and hours of frustration.

Lookout can be found here.


Astonishingly, It’s Still At It

I woke up late in the morning, thinking my computer would be at about 90% completion on the tasks I set for it last night, specifically: format an external hard drive (one that used to be a Mac backup hard drive) and reformat some ESATA drives for use as a new video RAID for a new project I’m working on.  Surprise surprise, it’s still going. In fact, I don’t think it’ll be done until 5pm at the earliest.  Still, when you think about it, these are huge drives.  Two of them are 1tb each.  When I was in film school ten years ago, you’d be lucky to get 8gb of storage for your projects.  I’d have actually murdered another human being for this kind of storage back then.  And now I’m complaining because I have to wait one more day.

Website En Route

Having spent many hours learning the ways of Adobe, I’ve begun drafting a website. I’ve owned the domain for years now and never really bothered to put anything there. Right now I think it’s home to a dated CV and a broken link to an old reel of mine. I hope to learn enough to make it work properly in the next week or so, and upload it so everyone can enjoy the page rather than think only of how ghetto it is.

In the meantime, I hope you’re enjoying my blog and or my Twitter account, MrLichtenstein.

There isn’t yet an app for that.

I recently upgraded my phone to the handsome Nexus S, by Google, with Google’s new OS, gingerbread.  I noticed there are a few half baked apps for shooting and or editing video, but I’d really like to see Avid come out with something basic that would allow you either to shoot video and import it quickly and easily into the Avid, maybe even do some basic QC on the phone, or even consider a basic editing suite, with dissolves and multiple channels of video and audio, so you could shoot something and edit it somewhat professionally within your phone and upload it directly to youtube, etc.  Having something where you could prefab titles or graphics on your PC and load them into your phone would allow you to make some slick looking video on the go without a lot of tools.


I’m experimenting with a project right now that requires me to “accordion” the film a bit.  What that means is this: I’m adding a little here, taking a little out there and generally trying to get it all to fit because the music for the closing titles is already done and I can’t change their length because of that.

It’s a little mental gymnastics this afternoon.