Email and Texts: New Uses

Hey, Microsoft!  Hey, Google!  Hey Avid, for that matter!

Here’s an idea I’ll give ya for free.  I was using a piece of obscure software recently when I set up a process that took a couple of hours.  I needed to run an errand, so this was fine, but what the program offered to do which was really cool was it said it would either text or email me (my choice) when the process was finished.  So I could run out and get the dry cleaning or have a cup of coffee at the cafe while it was busy and get a poke in the arm when it was ready.

I’ve griped for a long time about how programs in general and video editing tech specifically could take a hint from the fact that computers can parallel process and well, parallel process, but honestly, this would at least be a step in the right direction.  Today I spent hours waiting for my edit suite to process some video files and because the status bar only showed me how far one individual file was, I had to sit there and wait instead of get up and do something useful.  If the Avid isn’t going to show me how far along my files are, at least it could give me a holler when it’s done.


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