Finished Sizzle Reel

Let me just start this by saying I hate the term “sizzle reel.”  When did it stop being called a “pitch” reel, which is what it is?  Or just a reel?  Why the word sizzle?  Are the standards for pitching so low that no longer can work stand on its own without a silly appelation like “sizzle” or “sexy” or “sizzling sexy nuclear sex sex sex?”

Anyway, I finished the sizzle reel for The Nak’d Truth, a reality show I hope gets picked up because a.) I’d be working on it in all likelihood and b.) I think there’s an audience for it.  It follows a group of strangers who live together in a nudist colony but are not normally themselves nudists.  Here is just some of the recent press:

Unthinkable?  Reality TV gets more grotesque

Big Bro Goes Naked

And here’s the site for the show itself, run by the producers:

The Nak’d Truth


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