New Hardware

As HD files are much bigger than SD video files, I’ve started to run low on space in my z800 workstation.  Amazing.  I have two 300gb hds as my mirrored C: raid, which sounds small, but bear in mind they are 10,000 rpm drives.  Then I’ve got a 2tb internal storage drive.  I’m getting a second one.  That pretty much uses all the available slots for internal drives, though I’m considering eventually having ESATA drives plugged directly into the motherboard.  We’ll have to see about that.  I don’t think I physically have the room for that setup.  In the meantime, I had to make room for a PCI USB card, so I’ll have more PCI ports available.  How to do this?  Well, I ordered a wireless router and cat 7 cable to replace the wireless card I have in the computer right now.  In the long run I’d rather use a wire but for the time being it’s not a good idea.  I’ve also ordered an additional raid card, this one with 2 internal and 2 external sata ports, so I can add a raid for purposes of consolidating media, etc.

Quick aside: I only recently learned about cat 7 cables.  Apparently they are basically cat 6 but shielded.  This can be useful to folks who use a Drobo style raid through a cat 6.  I ordered mine so my workstation and printer can separately connect to my router.  This will mean I can scan and print without having to turn on and share my workstation.


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