Most of my beautiful hardware arrived from Newegg today and I’m eager to install it.  I have a 2 tb hard drive, ready to take some of the load off my other internal long term storage HD, I have two new PCI cards, one is an excellent USB card, the other is a ESATA and SATA RAID card, so I can add a second media array to my computer, and last but not least my wireless hub arrived, so I can remove my Z800’s current wireless card and replace it with a hub that will mean I don’t need the workstation on to use the printer (wirelessly of course) and just as importantly, I’ll have the spare PCI slot I need to add the RAID card.

Here’s the problem.  I am currently copying files from an external, 2tb USB drive to my 1tb striped mirrored RAID and it’s been going for three days and it’s only at 33%.  That means I have to wait and wait and wait for it to finish before I can install these new parts.  At least the cat 7 cables haven’t arrived yet.  When that happens I’ll really be bummed.


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