My new hardware is installed.  I decanted some of the video archived on the old 2tb drive onto the new 2tb drive, so now each is half full and performing a lot better.  There’re new cards installed as well, providing me with all the USB one could ever want and a new (untested) ESATA raid platform.  I look forward to trying out two raids at once!  What an age we live in.

Also, and I find this really neat, there’s an internal port on the USB card, which I’ve plugged a 16gb patriot drive into.  This means both another internal drive (one that’s super fast) but also the USB drive has turbo boost, which I’ve enabled.  So this may make things run faster.  We’ll have to wait and see…

Now all that remains is running the cat 7 cables across the apartment to the Avid, so it can go online again.  I had to ditch the old PCI wireless card to put in the USB card, so for now it’s a stand alone system.


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