Lenovo X1, the Genesis of an Editing Platform?


Much like the X1 from BMW, here’s a superbly engineered machine we can’t get in the US. I’m an HP and Lenovo guy. I love my x201i Thinkpad, from which I now write this post. I also love my HP laptop, a refurb I got on Ebay for $200 and turned into a mobile edit station some years ago. I especially love my Z800 workstation, which is awesome, amazing and all an editor could want.

What I’d really like to see is Lenovo, with their M1911 looks and Seal Knife 2000 edges make a top of the line mobile edit station I’d want to use.  Something with the ports, the power and the portability of their wonderful X series laptops, but tuned for editing.  Currently if you buy their “ultrabase” you get another slot for storage or a disc reader and a few extra plugs.  Still, if it had say, an extra video card, some HDMI or Displayport outs and a built in RAID card, then we’d be talking.

Yeah, you’d need a second monitor, but you can get some pretty small monitors these days, so you could extend your desktop onto said monitor for windows with trim bins, and use the pretty laptop screen for your editing.  Simple, not hard to develop and free: TAKE IT FROM ME LENOVO!  TAKE MY IDEA FOR FREE!


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