Goes Together Like Keyboard and Mouse

I ordered some new hard drives last week with an eye on adding them to the RAID array I use to store audio and video for my editing rig.  For Man Powered Films Blog Irregulars, a RAID is basically a bunch of hard drives working as one in order to read information (video in this case) fast enough to play it back (at 30 frames per second, give or take.)  As an editor, you only really need them when you’re working with HD video, because HD is thirty times as much data as SD.  So, I have two of these complicated thingies attached to my computer.  This is going to present me with a couple new and interesting problems.

First of all, I could add them to one of the arrays I already have.  One array (a four drive RAID with the boring name of “media”, something I plan on changing soon) is already full and the other is named “Batman and Robin” because those are the names I wrote on the drives to distinguish them when I took them on a gig in Scotland a year ago.  If I add the new drives to Batman and Robin it leaves me with two problems.  First of all, what do I call them now?  Batman and Robin is a short enough name to put to a hard drive in windows, but “Batman Robin Alfred and Batgirl” is too many characters, literally.  What about “Superheroes”?  Well, if I add Cyclops and Wolverine to the list, then it works except Robin isn’t a superhero at all is he?  He’s just the sidekick.  I could divide Batman and Robin up and use them as storage disks, but then I wouldn’t have the nifty name.

But before I can wrestle with the second pressing issue: drive naming.   I have to figure out the answer to this: can I RAID them to the existing drives?  Batman and Robin are both great discs, but only 1tb each whereas the new drives are 2tb each.  Can they all be RAIDed?  Or will I have to partition the 2tb discs and then RAID them with the other two.  Can that even be done?  I’m not really a tech expert here, just an editor who tinkers, so this will be interesting.

At the end of the day what I may wind up with is a third RAID array, Nook and Cranny or something, which I can use for video files (2 tb being bigger than 1 after all) and Batman and Robin can handle sound.  The problem comes in when down the road I have to toss out an old drive.  What happens if I wind up with Batman and Cranny?  Or Bubble and Robin?  Or Milk and Mash?  What chaos will ensue?!  And more importantly, when Batman is gone, who will save me?


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