It Lives!

After all that consternation about what I should name my new media RAID, I went with “Mercedes Benz” with one 2tb drive labelled AMG and the other labelled Brabus.  I realized I was already using Batman and Robin for editing and shouldn’t change horses so to speak while I’m in the middle of a project.  The new drives seem to be working well, but I’ve yet to start using them.  When I begin to capture from tape (right now I’m capturing from files on an external HD) I plan to split the audio and video files between Batman and Robin and Mercedes Benz.  That should be a good bench test.

The amount of wiring going into this is astonishing.  I unplugged everything.  I mounted my surge protectors on the wall and now I have achieved a sort of cascading waterfall of spaghetti coming from the surge protectors to the computer and from the computer to the hard drives plugged into it.  It’s like a piece of installation art.


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