The Phone Has Arrived

As many of you may recall from my rant the other day, I’ve been dealing with a lot of nonsense over my Samsung Nexus S since I purchased it.  It’s an okay phone now (as there is a 4G version you can now buy) not a cutting edge phone, so it’s already lost much of its value to me, but it at least runs the same 3G standard as most of Europe so I can use it there, and it’s unlocked, I think, so I can take it there.  Fine.  What remains to be seen is will it die when I take it into the subway.  I don’t plan on riding the train for a few days, so it may be a little while before I get to check that particular feature, but I expect that when I go out Wednesday for one of my many scheduled meetings, the phone will drop dead like a racehorse with a broken leg at a gun show.  This phone has become symbolic of my disappointments in technology.  And I have had many.  This one sums up everything bad about retail (Best Buy) customer service (T-Mobile USA, amazingly) and repair service (Samsung).  Now I can only wait and see…

Unless it dies in the elevator.  Then I’m going to call Samsung and if they don’t replace it with a model that works, the lawsuit begins.  Former colleagues at ABC?  CBS?  The Post?  Want a fun consumer story?  I got it right here.


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