Just A Thought, Smartphone Manufacturers Take Note!

I’ve spent the last couple days buying Zagg skins for my Nexus S and trying to apply them to the phone. Both times I managed to trap little specks under the skins and had to remove them, ruining the skins which cost about $15 each. I feel like a real idiot especially because when I had the last phone (the one Samsung just replaced) I had no problem at all getting the skin on perfectly without bumps or bubbles or dirt specs.

This lead me to an idea. If you go online or indeed to a car dealership and you order a new car, you can chose exactly what features you want. Do you want a sunroof? Done. Keyless start? Sure. Rear view camera? Certainly. So why don’t the smart phone makers offer the phone with a top spec Zagg cover on them? It’s not like Apple or Samsung or HTC is somehow forcing you to buy another product of theirs; they don’t make the covers themselves. I’d be happy to pay an extra 5 bucks over the cost of the phone and the cover to make sure it was on properly.

I think this is a major mistake on the part of the phone makers. Everyone with any sense buys a screen protector, so I’m willing to bet if they offered this, pretty soon getting a phone without a cover would be a special option.


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