New Video In The Can

As some of you may know, I’ve been shooting a new sizzle reel.  This is not to be confused with the two sizzle reels I cut for The Naked Truth and The Broadway Kids, both of which are en route to production, having partnered with larger prodcos. No, this one is all my own, my baby, the piece I’m most passionate about.  Still, this isn’t really a blog about art, that’s for my Tumblr account.  No, this is a geeky techie blog for the most part, so here I’ll go on a bit about the technical aspects of this shoot.

First of all, it’s very mixed media. One camera, a Z1U, shoots on HDV.  Another, a Canon 5D mark II, is a full frame DSLR.  Still another, a Canon 7D is a slighly newer yet crapper DSLR than the 5D.  Then we had a digital sound recordist.  It’s a mess. I’m not looking forward to syncing it all up.  Fortunately there is Plural-Eyes, software for syncing, so I’m told.  I plan on using the Avid Media Composer version.

The first step will be organizing and transcoding all the footage, much of which consists of computer files on a hard drive.  I’ve put the tapes in.  Now I have to get the files on the computer in a way that preserves quality, etc, sync it all up and get ready for the most exciting editing experience of my career!

The only thing standing in my way is my new found addiction to Myachi.


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