Amusing Technological Challenges

Avid Express Pro HD

Avid Express Pro HD, at work on my HP

As I’ve made clear, I have two computers with me in Edinburgh.  One is a new X series with a good processor and 8 gigs of RAM.  The other is an HP laptop I got from Ebay a year ago for under $200.  It runs XP and is not fast, nor does it have much RAM.  It does however, have Avid Express Pro HD, which only runs on XP.  As I write this, I’m ingesting video from tape for a show I just shot.  It’d all SD DV and it’s going in without a problem.  The problem was a little while ago when I tried doing too many things at once.

First of all, somehow, this machine was built in a way whereby when I plugged my Maxell iVDR adapter into the USB, it wouldn’t recognize the drive until I found the *right* USB port.  Okay.  Fine.  Weird, but fine.  Then I started to copy that stuff to another external drive, which is faster, so I could input the tapes, then import the video at a faster rate than if I had plugged in the iVDR and imported straight from there.  Sadly, the HP would hear nothing of it.  It got so slow, Avid took an hour to close when I told it not to bother with the capture.  So now, with only Avid running, it’s fine.

Here’s my workaround.  I have the Lenovo around to burn DVDs and step up to editing if necessary with CS5.  I will use it to copy to my external drive, while capturing from tape with the HP, then when the HP is all done with the capture, I’ll swap the drive over to the HP and import from there.

Whew.  Glad I got that one figured out.


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