Lenovo Are Being Dicks To Me

Lenovo makes some great products and by and large I love their laptops.  I use an X201i, which is a wonderful little computer that can do just about anything.  I have all of CS5 on here.  I run all of Office.  I multitask like a madman!

But the computer has had this one problem for the last year or so: it thinks Service Pack 1 is ready to install, but then it can’t install it.  I recently went online and downloaded the actual content of SP1 and installed it all.  Sadly, this hasn’t stopped the popup from annoying me periodically.  I may just turn off automatic updating.

What’s really annoying is that Lenovo has had me reimage the computer six times.  Six!  And to no avail.  It’s still messed up.  Now they are telling me this is a windows problem and not covered by their warranty.  It’s an OEM copy of Windows, so they are obligated to fix it.  When I get home, I’m going to give them an earful and failing that, talk to the Attorney General of New York.  This is just bad behavior.  It’s a shame too, because I like this machine.  I may switch to HP if they keep this up.


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