Is It Wrong That I Want To Do It Myself?

I’m really sad that HP is soon to disown its PC business.  Sadder still that it has already put to death its mobile devices division.  It makes me want to cry when I put my hands on the awful keyboards of their current generation of laptops and think back to the very nice keyboards of just a few years ago.

What that, and Lenovo’s current lack of ability to live up to expectations has added up to is my desire to build my own laptop.  How hard could it be?

Well, for a start, it’s hard.  It’s hard to build a tower, even though you can easily go out and find a plethora of empty boxes you can fill with motherboards (also available to buy) hard drives, etc.  You really have to know what you’re doing and even then you may have components that work together on paper, but not in body.  Laptops are a different story.  To do this with a laptop, your best bet seems to be to buy the basic box and processor you want and if you want to make changes, install new components. Apples of course, you cannot customize in any way, because Apple is run by Nazis.

The problem with this is that many of these computers come with some arcane drivers that can go ape shit if you mess with the hardware, even if you’re only adding a bigger hard drive.  HP has always been good for this, but their current crop of laptops have been a huge disappointment to me.  If HP splits that business, it may improve the quality of their computers, but maybe not.  A computer is a tool.  Nothing more.  If the tool doesn’t fit the use, it’s useless.  On an airplane, the iPad is brilliant.  For me, in every day life, it’s no good because there’s no keyboard.  I touchtype.  That means I need a keyboard.  Add a keyboard to a tablet and you have a crappy netbook.

I haven’t tried the latest X series by Lenovo but that’s where I’d like to start when I decide to build my custom beauty, unless HP impresses me in the meantime.  Does anyone have an idea of where I might start, if I want to build my own portable Avid?


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