Theatrical Lighting Done Badly For Film

I’m editing a show right now I just filmed here at the Edinburgh Fringe.  It’s the home stretch, the final days of the festival and I am booked wall to wall by producers who finally figured out that they wanted their shows filmed.  I barely have the time to do the actual editing.  It’s a lot of fun right now actually, as many of these final shows are actually quite good, which is excellent, especially since these will be my parting memories from the 2011 Ed Fringe.

I did however run into one unpleasant thing in these final days.  LED theatrical lighting.  Now, I know everyone wants to be green, whatever that stupid buzzword means, but really?  LEDs?  Well, just so all you theater techies out there will know this for when you’re lighting a show that will be filmed, LEDs run between 567 and 700 nm peak wavelength, which is I think the reason they make the stage vibrate like a 1980s video game background.  I tried adjusting everything on the camera, but to no avail.  Sadly, the only thing I can do is hope that when I output to quicktime there will be something I can do to the frame rate there that, with frame blending, will eliminate this effect.


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