Gaming Machines As Editing Machines

I just had a look at this sweet little machine and it brought me back in time a couple years.  In 2005 I purchased a one handed gaming controller, one of those mini-keyboards with only a dozen or so buttons on it.  The idea behind making it was that a gamer would use it and a mouse to kill zombies rather than a traditional keyboard.  I wanted it so I could map all my editing commands and even some scripts I could custom program into the device, thus saving me time editing.

It worked for a while, but as I started to learn more about the Avid, I needed the full keyboard and when I tried doing something simple again, it was impossible because I couldn’t remember how I’d set up the controller.

This machine though might be different.  With a touchpad that is also a screen, one could do a lot for simple effects like titles, or maybe even map certain commands to parts of the touchpad and have the appropriate icons on the pad.  And with some of the new high tech mice coming out, one of which you can buy here, I’m thinking that having a touchpad on one’s laptop to save desk real estate isn’t necessarily such a wonderful or necessary thing.

Ultimately though, I think a fully OLED keyboard is what’s necessary to bring gaming devices into video postproduction.


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