A New Lens Kit & The Future of DSLRs

Check this out!  An assortment of lenses for Canon DSLRs so you can shoot movies that look like movies!  Only one problem though.  It’s all a little late.  It’s late because of cameras like this.  Sony (and soon I imagine many of the other camera brands) have come to realize that they should put the same tech that goes into DSLRs into proper video cameras that don’t need a ton of attachments in order to be handheld or shoulder mounted without a load of trouble and expense to keep steady.  Sony had the right idea.  The direction I think all this is going is that DSLR and “video camera” will become terms more for the shape of the device than the use.  If the sensor is the same, then the camera is basically the same.  The biggest advantage with the Sony is that it doesn’t stop recording video every twelve minutes.  I think that this will push the DSLRs into being more video friendly.

All that being said, here’s my prediction for the future of this tech: Video Cameras will become less like M-1s and more like sub machine guns; video cameras will be like DSLRs that have shoulder mounts and pistol grips that can be easily removed and packed away in case the user wants to travel light and use the device to take still photos, and DSLRs will focus more on being DSLRs with an emphasis on steadyshot tech (a pendulum that makes the camera steady itself) instead of shoulder mounts to try to turn the camera into a video camera.  Sony’s new NEX7 is a perfect example of where cameras are headed: highly portable, high power, small footprint.

DSLRs aren’t in competition with video cameras.  They’re in competition with your camera phone.


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