The iPhone 4S – This is what is wrong with Apple.

You may already know that Apple stock dropped 5% on the introduction of the iPhone 4S, the latest adventure in Apple‘s attempt to jerk off their customer base instead of just making the best possible product.  Well, okay, that’s just my point of view, but then why was everyone else so disappointed?

Well, the new phone does sport some cool improvements.  First of all, and I may be alone here, I like that the phone has the same body as the old one. This means that if you went out and got iPhone 4 peripherals and you’re enough of a sucker to go out and throw money at the new phone, you can keep your peripherals for once.  I would get this phone today if I wanted a phone to use as a camera because with items like the one linked above or this one you can really do some amazing stuff with 8mp.  Considering that you can shoot video with it too, using the same lens, you’ve got a great thing to have on you next time you go on vacation somewhere, even if you only use it as a phone while on wifi.

The phone has dual processors, like many of the Android phones have had for years.  The new phone has voice recognition, like the Android phones have for years.  The new phone has iCloud, which I think is nonsense anyway, but I won’t harp on that too much since I’ve done it before.  It has this new personal assistant app, which I’ll reserve judgement on since I don’t have the phone and haven’t heard anything on it yet.

The problem with the iPhone 4S is that every time Apple comes out with a new product, and I think their base is starting to catch on here, they release what is almost the best product they can make.  If this device had 4G, a bigger screen, Near Field Communication and a significantly stepped up OS, then it’d be a hit hands down.  It’d also be the best Apple could do and Apple would probably have to wait another 2 years before being able to introduce something better, which means in that time their competitors would start to suck out the air.  Apple is a bit like Porsche if Porsche only made the Boxster.  The Boxster is by all accounts better than the 911 except in power and while Porsche could slip a 911 engine into a Boxster and make it better than a 911, they won’t because then they’d have no one to sell 911s to (the Porsche 911 is much more expensive.)  At the same time, the Boxster has to be a bit better than the Cayman because the Cayman is specifically built and priced for people who can’t afford the Boxster.  I suppose in this regard Apple’s problem isn’t that they’re too much like Porsche, but not enough.  Porsche at least can release a new 911 every five minutes (turbo, GT2, GT3, etc.) and still have new affordable cars like the Boxster and the Cayman for the less successful dentists to afford.

Apple’s problem is that the only phone they make is the iPhone.  If they made different phones for different markets it would mean they could always be coming out with new products, but since they don’t do that (I suppose it would affect their image) they have to pretend to be releasing the best device while constantly holding back.

This is one reason why I’m not the biggest fan of Apple and right now apparently neither is the stock market.


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