The “rite” notebook for tough duty

I have been a fan of tough products for years.  I’d own a Panasonic Toughbook if it were a little lighter and ran the software I need.  I often use my space pen from County Comm (a product I can’t say enough good things about) and my laptop bag and other office supplies follow the same rule: if it can be easily destroyed, I try to avoid owning it.

The one weakness in my chain of products has been my diaries.  I tend to use Moleskine books, which are great for use with a fountain pen but get them a little wet and they are quickly ruined.  That’s where my Rite In The Rain book comes in.

This thing is fantastic.  It doesn’t work AT ALL with my fountain pens but when I’m going out in rough weather and I need something to write on, this works perfectly with my space pen.  In fact, it’ll work underwater with pencil or my pen and when I need to carry a list, this is what I now use.  I’m honestly quite tempted to order some custom books from them for my company.  What a wonderful, useful product.


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