Post Setup

I’m gearing up for a couple new editing gigs.  One is a sizzle I’m being brought in on, one is a reel for a client.  I’m also working on Pickman’s Model when there is time, since it’s the short I directed myself and is therefore closer to my heart but work comes first.

Several moving parts: first, the media for the sizzle is a combination of disorganized and broken.  Some files don’t open at all, others are encoded in an arcane quicktime format.  It’s been a good week of just putting things into the system.  I haven’t gotten the footage for the reel yet but I think it’ll be easier to handle.  Also, I’ve been offered an animator to do the graphics.

Meanwhile, I just ordered the upgrade for my Avid and I’m going to upgrade the whole OS to Windows 7.  The new system should make better use of the 8 processors on my workstation (FYI an i7 only has 4, but runs them in an unstable way to make them behave like 8, which is not as good as the chipset I’m running) and with the ability to run exports and the like in the background, the Avid software itself should run smoother.  I understand Boris Effects will no longer work, but I don’t really use it much, so I should be fine.  Besides, I can always get the new version later.

The question is when should I run the upgrade to the Avid and when should I upgrade the OS?  When the software comes I’ll call Microsoft and we’ll take it from there.


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