Microsoft & Apple Both Have Awful Tech Support

In the past I have written angrily about how shabbily Apple customer service treated me, particularly their technical service division. Apple really is awful when it comes to these things. It took them seven months to finally admit that my old iPod had a problem that required replacement when I’d told them from day one this was the case. They took $150 from me to fix my old workstation, and did nothing to it, telling me I should just go buy a new workstation instead. Apple is run like the mafia. They are evil, their “geniuses” often know less about their products than I do and their hardware is designed so you can’t fix it yourself when it does, inevitably, break.

But that doesn’t let Microsoft off the hook. I got the upgrade for Windows 7 Ultimate yesterday from a lovely and helpful saleswoman on the phone. Great job, Microsoft. Then I installed it and the wireless wouldn’t connect to the internet. This link ( represents the solution to the problem. It took a while to find though, even with the mighty Google in my corner. In that time, I spent two hours and forty five minutes on the phone with Microsoft’s Indian Tech Support Gurus who passed me around like a spliff, everyone forgetting what I told them (“What is the problem?” “I can’t connect to the internet.” “You cannot activate Windows?” “I cannot connect to the internet.” “You cannot format a hard drive?”). Microsoft, seriously, get your shit together. This is appalling.


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