By Request: How to make a bunch of clips one clip

I was recently asked how to take a bunch of media and consolidate it into one clip.  In the good old days of tape, this was called making a clipreel and it’s a standard way of consolidating media for use in a project where you have a lot of stuff to slog through.  I’m demonstrating this in Premier because that’s the system we’re using here, but it can be done with many types of editing software.

To see full screen captures of these images, just click on them and they’ll open in full resolution.

Create your sequence.

Start by creating your sequence, as above.  This will necessitate creating a project, which I recommend, if you’re data is on an external drive, you put there so the way to organize the clipreel is saved with the footage, in case you need this again.  Also, it always bears saying: SAVE FREQUENTLY.

Add media to the sequence.

I won’t go into too much detail on this one as, if you’re reading this you probably already know how to do this, so here’s the short and simple way of getting to this phase: drag and drop your clips into the bin on the left that has your sequence in it.  That means opening an explorer window (in Windows) or a finder window (in Apple) and dragging the icons for the clips you want into the bin.  Then, once they are in the bin, drag them one by one into the timeline and move them so there’s a little black in between them.

Export your media.

For this, you want to do exactly as described in the above.

Set "video codec" to "DVCPROHD 1080p30". That should handle most HD. In other cases you may want another codec, but for us, this is what we're using.

Make sure your audio is "uncompressed."

See where it says "demo" as the name of the file output? By clicking on it... can open a dialog box that allows you to rename the output file and also (very importantly) say where it goes on your computer.

Click on the export button at the bottom of the window. If you have CS5 Master Suite, you may be able to add it to the export queue of a program designed specifically for this purpose, but if you don't, then just click export and be done with it.

Then you’ll have to wait.  And wait.  And wait.  But whatever you do, don’t unplug the computer or reboot or anything.  Once this is all finished, you’ll have one big file of all your clips exactly as you lined them up before.  This is very useful when you’re working on a doc or any project with more than a 3 to 1 shooting ratio.


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