Lots Of New Tech Going On.

It’s been a while since I updated this so I thought I’d take a swing at it.  I have been very busy with projects lately and wanted to share some recent thoughts about tech stuff that has come up either as a result of these projects, or just concurrently.

First up, the T4i.  I recently picked up a Canon T4i to shoot video on, and of course as a still camera as I am an ex-shutter-bug.  It is brilliant, but not just for the price.  It’s just brilliant.  Let me explain why.

First of all, it takes all the same lenses as the more expensive Canons and Red cameras.  That means for projects where I want a full frame sensor, I can rent the pricey camera and use the lenses I collected for this one.  Bear in mind, I don’t have one of those crappy zoom lenses they often sell with the camera.  I own a 100mm, a 30mm and a 14mm, which of course you have to multiply by 1.6 to get the real measurement with this sensor, but you get the idea.  I can get better picture quality on any camera with a prime lens, and with these I can use them not only with the T4i but also with a Red Epic, 5D, etc.

Secondly, the T4i is fine for anything on the internet and most stuff for TV.  And truth be told, most stuff at film festivals.  People are much more forgiving about image quality than you’d think, and it makes sense.  For a long time, you’d turn on the news and see awful c. 2006 youtube footage broadcast in full HD.  Why?  It’d be like blowing up a postage stamp. All you get is big dots.  More importantly, the human eye can’t even tell the difference between 1080p and 720p if the screen is 42″ or smaller, so especially on a computer, there’s no reason to go for the bigger sensor unless you want really, really narrow depth of field, and then you’re spending money to make a change from the T4i most people won’t notice.

Third, it has better autofocus and a faster processor than ALL OF THE MORE EXPENSIVE CANON CAMERAS.  Nuff said.

Here are some examples of my still work with it.Morningside Park Thorns Riverside Cathedral Chained Gatehouse Playing Cards Avenue of the Americas at Sunset Wild Patridge

On another note, my iPod, when plugged into its native Apple charger, tells me it won’t charge with it.  It thinks the charger is some kind of third party peripheral.  Great.  So Apple is telling me to buy a new one even though this one is just fine, except for the software update they obviously used to sabotage it.  Nice work, jerks.


Microsoft & Apple Both Have Awful Tech Support

In the past I have written angrily about how shabbily Apple customer service treated me, particularly their technical service division. Apple really is awful when it comes to these things. It took them seven months to finally admit that my old iPod had a problem that required replacement when I’d told them from day one this was the case. They took $150 from me to fix my old workstation, and did nothing to it, telling me I should just go buy a new workstation instead. Apple is run like the mafia. They are evil, their “geniuses” often know less about their products than I do and their hardware is designed so you can’t fix it yourself when it does, inevitably, break.

But that doesn’t let Microsoft off the hook. I got the upgrade for Windows 7 Ultimate yesterday from a lovely and helpful saleswoman on the phone. Great job, Microsoft. Then I installed it and the wireless wouldn’t connect to the internet. This link (http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/w7itpronetworking/thread/c0c52150-098c-4c5f-b2f9-8b7170b6f69f) represents the solution to the problem. It took a while to find though, even with the mighty Google in my corner. In that time, I spent two hours and forty five minutes on the phone with Microsoft’s Indian Tech Support Gurus who passed me around like a spliff, everyone forgetting what I told them (“What is the problem?” “I can’t connect to the internet.” “You cannot activate Windows?” “I cannot connect to the internet.” “You cannot format a hard drive?”). Microsoft, seriously, get your shit together. This is appalling.