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A Bevy Of Mobile Phone Lenses

Check this out.  I’ve been thinking how cool this would be for ages.  Since you can now get a DSLR lens mount for the iPhone I’ve actually considered getting an iPhone just because I love taking pictures with my Nexus S.  Now, assuming this will work with my camera, I have some new options.

It’s interesting, thinking of how you want to take photos these days.  Part of me says take a mobile phone camera or a DSLR and don’t bother with anything else.  Nowadays though the point and shoots one can buy are increasingly powerful, so what should you bother with day to day?  A big canon DSLR may be fine when you’re a pro or on vacation in the Amazon, but really, for every day you need a good small point and shoot.  If you don’t have the pocket room though, his could become something to expect from mobile phone makers.

One other thing I’ve thought of, since writing the above.  I have a friend with a 3D camera on his phone.  It has two lenses.  I wonder what happens when you put one of each of these lenses over the lenses in his 3D camera…